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 Bacanao National Park Area Photos
We did the 30 CUC per person, lunch and bottled water included, Bacanao National Park excursion from CLC. Beer with your lunch cost 1 CUC per person. We enjoyed our superbly cooked, wonderfully flavored, chicken and arroz congri meal. Most of the group of people went by horseback through the mountains, we went by horse and buggy as we are not very adept at horseback riding. We really enjoyed our outing, the scenery is absolutely superb. If you are on a tight budget and don't do tours, Bacanao Park is just a 45 min. walk from the Corales resort (best to be done early mornings), spectacular scenery throughout the journey. There is no admission fee to the park. You can also take a horse and buggy ride at 3 CUC per person each way and enjoy a 1 CUC cold Cervesa when you get there.