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 Club Amigo Carisol Bus Tour To Santiago De Cuba City and Morro Castle
We did a Santiago de Cuba city tour from Carisol Los Corales, it cost us 63 CUC per person, this included a seafood lunch, the tour was well worth the money. We visited wonderful places like, the Antonio Maceo monument, the Moncada Barracks, Santa Efigenia Cemetery, and our favorite, the Morro Castle. From the Castle fortress you had a commanding view of the whole Santiago de Cuba area. Beautiful scenery in all directions. We got some wonderful photos (they charge a 5 CUC fee to take those). From there we went on to the Marina where we enjoyed a seafood lunch and then after that had a boat tour of the Santiago de Cuba Bay and around Granma island. The boat tour takes you outside the mouth of the bay where you have a wonderful view of Morro Castle from the bay.